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About Us

Services We Offer:

    • Commercial printing - anything you need printed - WE CAN DO!
    • Color/ Black and White Brochures
    • Custom Made Business Cards
    • Custom Invoices, envelopes, flyers, brochures
  • Graphic Design Services for all types of stationary, etc.
  • Custom Vinyl, Custom signage of all kinds, Vehicle Graphics, etc.
Foam Lake Review office photo

Our office located at 325 Main Street in Foam Lake, SK

photo of Bob Johnson - owner of Foam Lake Review

Bob Johnson


photo of Colleen Kearns

Colleen Kearns

Ad Sales

photo of Astra Engstrom

Astra Engstrom

Production Senior Graphic Designer

photo of Anne Karakochuk

Anne Karakochuk

Production Graphic Designer

Joan Eyolfson Cadham - Reporter, Editorials

Sharolyn Olafson - Reporter