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Features for the week of November 5, 2012

Halloween picture

Costumes of all kinds were on display during the Foam Lake Elementary School Halloween parade. (photo by Calvin Vollrath)

Halloween at the Elementary School

There was a great deal of excitement at the Foam Lake Elementary School on on Wednesday, October 31st as the kids took part in various Halloween activities. There was a Haunted House in the morning; a hot lunch along with parties in the afternoon and the costume parade at 1:00 p.m.

Since Monday after school a committee of grade five and six students, with the help of Principal Cheryl Farrell, have been secretly working on the annual Haunted House. The theme this year was Hansel and Gretel who fell into the hands of the witch. Hansel was played by Ryan Shaw and Gretl was played by Gillian Huppee. The house included scary music, a strobe light, jack-o-lanterns, a grave yard and a giant black cat. Jayla Faye played the witch who told the story and toured the students from kindergarten to grade six through the house.

The tour started with the students lined up in the hallway outside the band room where the house was located. While they were waiting for their turn, they were entertained by Erin Fedusiak and Tray Lynn Fox who sang their original Halloween ditties for the kids. Their songs included such interesting tunes as Jingle Chains, Deck the Halls with Poisons and Potions and We Three Skeletons of Halloween. The songs were adaptations of Christmas carols. "This is the Halloween version as we call it," said Erin when introducing the songs to the students.

When the students followed the witch inside, they were introduced to Gretel in the stew pot who screamed and said " while you still can". They then checked out the dining room table where they were screamed at again. "Her table is set with pieces of her victims," said Jayla as she continued the tour. As the group moved on, the participants were asked to put their hands into boxes where they felt creepy things, ghouls jumped out at them and they stopped at the grave yard where Hansel popped out of his coffin. The other characters in the house were played by Shayla Peshko, Caitlin Fox, Alison Narfason, Dagan Faye, Justin Faye, Owen Chisholm, Troy Bryksa, Kaden Dudley, Cobe Helgason and Tanner Tkachuk.

The idea came together for the Haunted House on Friday when SRC President Kaden Dudley and Mrs. Farrell wrote the script. Jayla Faye adapted it to her character and added parts to finish it and the story line was born. "For two days of work the students really pulled it together, they did an awesome job," said Mrs. Farrell.

After the Haunted House, the students were treated to a hotdog lunch followed by parties for the younger students and a Halloween dance for the older grades in the gym. The younger students went to the Jubilee Home to entertain the residents. Right after lunch the students put on their costumes and paraded around the gym for the enjoyment of their parents and grandparents. The parade included the children from Little Champions Playschool right up to the grade six students and their teachers and teacher assistants. There was everything from transformers, scary creatures and space men to Spanish dancers, a variety of fairies and thing one and thing two from the Cat in the Hat.

After school many creatures could be seen walking the streets of town as they searched out the best candy of the season. The businesses opened their doors and made treats available to all the children who were out trick or treating. For most Halloween in Foam Lake was once again a lot of fun; the only thing to dampen their enthusiasm was the cold weather which may have played a part in reducing the number of trick or treateres in the residential areas.

- Sharolyn Olafson