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Features for the week of November 12, 2012

Legion host Poppy Tea photo

Foam Lake Legion member Ed Scratton visits with Clayton and Marj Markusson and Eylene Janeson during the Foam Lake Legion's Poppy Day Tea held on November 2 in the Legion Hall.

Foam Lake Legion host Poppy Tea

On Friday, November 2nd, the Foam Lake Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion held their annual Poppy Tea. The come and go tea ran from 2 p.m. till 4 p.m. at the local Legion Hall. During the afternoon the public was invited to attend and enjoy tea or coffee and homemade pie. The Foam Lake Air Cadets were set up along the north wall where they sold a variety of baking. The weather was poor, with driving and walking hazardous due to new snow, however Legion members commented on the good turn out for the tea.

There were a number of Legion members on hand to help with the tea including Branch President John Birrell and his wife Marion who sat at the door to welcome people and sell poppies for Remembrance Day. Many of the Legion ladies including Judy Thorsteinson, Shirley Eyolfson, Anne Arnason, Rose Polonich, Doris Markusson and Sandra Hilts were kept busy doing dishes, preparing the tea and coffee and keeping the pie shelf full. Lemon, chocolate, apple and peach pies tempted the taste buds of everyone attending. Legion members Don Eyolfson and Ed Scratton could be seen mingling with the crowd and helping wherever needed.

The proceeds raised from the Poppy Tea are used for a variety of different things. A portion goes to help with anything related to veterans such as the Handi Van or different items needed at the nursing home. Some of the money also goes into scholarships and bursaries which can be applied for and handed out to worthy students including children and grandchildren of veterans.

"I just want to thank everybody that showed up because they are a big sponsor for our cadet program. We are serving tea, coffee, juice and pie and also have the bake table for the 542 squadron," said Clayton McCready who, along with his brother Chad, spent the afternoon serving the refreshments. Both boys were dressed in their Cadet uniforms as representatives of their squadron. "People have commented on how efficient they are," said Marion Birrell when she talked about the good job the boys did serving the public.

The Cadet bake table was full of a variety of goodies and according to Karla Leader, Kirsten Garga and Kim Zelinski, things were going very well. "I think we are doing good so far, we sold a lot of cowboy cookies," said Karla. They were also selling homemade buns, angel food cakes, pies and a variety of cookies. The money raised from the bake sale will help with expenses for the Cadet's spring trip. They are hoping to travel east this year.

"Considering the fresh snow, it has been a good turnout," said John Birrell. The Poppy Tea is always held about a week before Remembrance Day services at the Foam Lake Community Hall. It helps to encourage people to remember the significance of November eleventh and sets the stage for many to attend the services.

- Sharolyn Olafson